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Michelle Obama on 'The View'

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MichelleI caught Barack Obama persevering through an appearance on The Tyra Banks Show (on which he played basketball and kindly demurred when Tyra twice tried to get an invite to the Lincoln Bedroom), but I missed Michelle Obama on "The View." And in case you did too, here's a round-up of commentariat responses.

Top of the Ticket has the highlights -- her bacon breakfasts, her husband's facility with kids -- and ends with a zinger: "She was cool and collected during her 'View' appearance; if anyone was nervous, it was Whoopi Goldberg, who spilled the contents of her coffee cup just as the show broke for its first commercial."

Petulant posts on Shakesville a transcript and video of the Matthew Broderick gaffe:

Michelle's face is priceless when Broderick tells of [his son] James Wilke's reasoning for Obama: "He's five. So the answer might not be as sophisticated as you would like. For one thing, he likes the man to beat the lady." Michelle responds: "That's James Wilke, not me."

The Caucus liveblogs it, noting that the appearance was a major one for Michelle as the campaign tries to revamp her image. The bloggers note Michelle's "fist-bumps" for all the hosts, her sleeveless outfit, her (high) height, her praise for Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton, her opinion on pantyhose (con), her mom's gambling prowess, and her husband's Father's Day speech.

(If this post isn't meta enough for you already, the Wall Street Journal rounds up the liveblogs of the Michelle appearance. U.S. News and World Report has a round-up too, and shorter than this one.)

Access Hollywood details the dap moment in full:

“Wait,” she told them after sitting down. “I have to be greeted properly. Fist bump, please.”

Earlier this month, a Fox News analyst suggested that her affectionate on-stage knuckle bump with her husband, on the night he locked up the Democratic presidential nomination, might have been a “terrorist’s fist jab.”

“It is now my signature bump,” Michelle Obama told “The View” co-hosts. “But let me tell you, I’m not that hip. I got this from the young staff. That’s the new high-five.”

Troy Patterson of Slate has important sartorial details (the encoded meaning in the brand she's wearing, for example), and gets the final word on the appearance: "She didn't, in fact, say anything of interest or controversy during her live performance, which means that she and her handlers should right now be enjoying the glow of perfect success."

*Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.


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Hmmm, I have heard that the Obama,
Presidential candidate, is already making plans to redecorate the White House. He is planning to tear out the bowling alley and replace it with a basketball court. Since he is planning to raise our taxes, does that mean we..the common people...get to come and play on OUR basket ball court.
Personally, I am ashamed that these two folks may be living in the White House and representing MY country. Since neither of them seem to have any AMERICAN LOYALTIES , I can not believe so many people have been taken in by these educated, two faced, anti-American, traitors. Wake up America...don't you realize you are being turned to the Dark Side by the Dark Lord!!!!!!

The Canadian Geezer

I guess you should be ashamed Nickey because as intelligent, kind, decent loving people with an interest in their (and other peoples) childrens future the Obama's would certainly represent a shift from the current occupant.


Nickey if you are ashamed of anything it should be of what your statements represents which is racism



You should be ashamed because you obviously have not done your homework or you would know that Senator and Mrs. Obama are very loyal Americans with strong Christian values and would be a breath of fresh air in the White House and for our country. The key to making any intelligent decision is to do your homework.

Catherine Z

I really don't get why people think Michelle Obama is scary. Specific to this episode of the View, she came across warm, friendly and humble. I was very surprised that she stayed on after the hot topics portion of the show. Anyone who could endure the ridiculous sped-through segment titled, "Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?", and actually appear engaged in the topic deserves a ton of credit.

I'm on Team Michelle

But, really, it's ok with me if you are on Team Cindy. It's a free country.


I hate to burst your bubbles people, but Nickey is right! Yes, the truth hurts but we must open our eyes! Wake up people! This is the job of President of the United States - not a Director of Marketing at a private firm. Obama is NOT qualified or experienced (not to mention ethical enough) for this position! Seschris - How can Obama be a devout Christian when he voted to abort babies up to nine months? Do you know that he also voted to let botched full term abortion babies lay alone in garbage bags to die without the advantage medical care? Is this Christian? What if this was your child or grandchild? If you really think this is the trait of a Christian, you are NOT informed. Check his voting record and it will tell you who he really is! Rhonda - I don't care if he's green with purple stripes - I'm tired of people being called racist because they don't want this guy for President! What a bunch of baloney! It has NOTHING to do with race! HE and his wife are the anti-white racists here! Canadian Geezer - get a clue! We can thank Obama for taking race relations back to the sixties - just a taste of the future if he gets in office! Be informed! This pair does not belong in the White House! Get your information from all sources - not just the biased newspapers and TV who all love Obama and won't tell the truth about him. I'll be surprised is this comment is even allowed to be posted! If you vote for this guy and he gets in office, all of America AND your grandchildren will suffer! To add one more thing - Obama's magic wand for all of his wonderful plans? Higher taxes out of YOUR paycheck! He's a millionaire power-monger - what does he care? NO-BAMA!


I am sick of being called a racist because i do not want obama for president. I have family who are black and i am no way a racist. But he is falsely calling himself a christain if he supports abortion. and by the way i agree with MARIAN that the media supports Obama as if he has a magic wand over everyone. Educate yourself before you vote for someone because he and his wife know how to b.s. on live television.


A vote for Obama means that you agree with his decision to support the killing babies that survive a late-term abortion.

A vote for Obama means that you support a man that until recently refused to wear a flag on his suit jacket.

A vote for Obama means that you support a man that wants to raise taxes on anyone and everyone in the middle-class, approximately $50,000 per year income and higher. We pay enough taxes already! By the way, our government does not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

A vote for Obama is a vote in favor of his "economic justice" plan. Before you say "Yeah" to that plan, why don't you look up what Obama means by "economic justice".

Before voting for either [or any] candidate, do your homework. Sadly, the more I research about Obama, the more I despise the man. Check out what he did from the time that we graduated college until he entered politics. If it doesn't cause you to be ill, maybe you should vote for him.



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