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What you liked about the week that was

October 8, 2007 |  8:47 am

It was a Greatest Hits marathon last week in our opinion manufacturing division, with the most-trafficked Opinion items including two still-popular items from our Hollywood Dust-up of the week before, plus a Sept. 13 Op-Ed on Afghanistan, a contribution from former weekly columnist Max Boot and a timeless February piece about Stonehenge. Leading the way, however, for the second time in three weeks, was Jonah Goldberg.

1) The unspeakable American culture, by Jonah Goldberg.
2) Holly-cons: in the closet? Dust-up between Andrew Breitbart and David Ehrenstein.
3) Who's giving money to Bill Clinton?, by Matthew Yglesias.
4) Tinseltown's last hurrah, Breitbart/Ehrenstein.
5) We're losing in Afghanistan too, by John Kiriakou and Richard Klein.
6) Accept the Blackwater Mercenaries, by Max Boot.
7) Stonehenges all around us, by Craig Childs.
8) Letters to the editor.
9) The Ahmadinejad Show, Editorial.
10) Mugabe: A tyrant from the start, by James Kirchick.

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