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Postmodernism gone horribly wrong

August 3, 2007 |  1:38 pm

In what might be the final nail in the coffin of Web 1.0, we threw a chat for Joel Stein, in honor of the world-famous Be Joel Stein Contest (see his column on the topic from today), and ... well, to say "nobody came" would be an exaggeration, but only just. Full transcript here, though this excerpt captures some of the spirit:

Moderator1: This must mean the silent masses were in total agreement with Stein. They have nothing to add...

Moderator1: I knew I should have arranged a few ringers ahead of time.

Joel Stein: I knew we shouldn't have done this. Bail or run out the clock? I'm going with JetBlue either way.

Moderator1: We've got 14 minutes. Let's run out the clock.

Moderator1: Maybe the people don't actually want interactivity.

Joel Stein: Didn't I write a column saying that?

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