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Work them like a claw and call me Number One!

ComicscurmudgeonawardCongratulations to Josh Fruhlinger, the Comics Curmudgeon. For my money he's the Bernard Berenson of the funny pages, who not only shares my enthusiasm for the soap opera strips but has shown me the hidden treasures of cartoons I either didn't know about, like Get Fuzzy, or had never paid any attention to, like Slylock Fox. A few months back he diagnosed the disease at the heart of the comics page in a Times Op/Ed that the papers continue to ignore at their  peril.

So nobody is more deserving of The Week magazine's uncoveted Blogger-of-the-Year award, which Fruhlinger took home a few days ago. I especially applaud The Week, for acknowledging somebody who isn't singlehandedly saving the Middle East or organizing election groundswells, but dealing with pop-culture artifacts that aren't immediately recognizable as weighty or important. (Though they did give the award for the CC's work on editorial cartoons rather than his more free-ranging criticism of the daily comic strips.) With the newspapers' increasingly untenable mandate to bring you the world every morning, Fruhlinger's is the kind of smartass, pomo meta-analysis that actually adds value to its chosen subject, and while I'd doubt anybody is hanging on the results of The Week's awards for anything, there are few people who deserve free food and drinks and a trophy more than the Comics Curmudgeon.


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George Vreeland Hill

Josh Fruhlinger's work is always a story that speaks loud.
I would rather read one good blog, story or cartoon, instead of the other ninety-nine whatevers that say very little or nothing.
My Blogger-of-the-Year award goes to the people who blog right here at the L.A. Times.
Their work is good, and they cover all bases of every topic they write about.
So keep up the GREAT work!!

George Vreeland Hill

Brady Westwater

Speaking of comics - when will the TIMES realize its error and bring back Candorville?

It was one of the smartest, coolest strips in the paper - and it was pitched to the younger, diverse ethnic demographics the TIMES needs and it is written by a local cartoonist. And since the comics are one of the few things you have to buy a print copy of the paper to get, the TIMES should be adding print only features for younger and ethnic readers - not dropping them. Bringing back Candorville makes business sense, even without consideration of its inherent qualities

Lastly, replacing it with that disaster Lilo makes the decision to drop it even more insulting.

Jon Healey

The comments on Fruhlinger's site about his award go on forever, and yet they're all pretty funny. More laughs per square inch, in fact, than our vast comic pages provide (despite the presence of Get Fuzzy, Brewster Rockit Space Guy, Lio and Pearls Before Swine).

Jason S.

Yeah, I guess there's a talking potato on the Mark Trail strip. LOL , I'll tell you. And that Slylock Fox link was hilarious. Great weblog.


I love Slylock Fox! I wish the LA Times would show some good judgement and pick it up! Sunday or daily or both!!!



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