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Patt the chatted

February 15, 2007 |  1:52 pm

Today's chat with beloved columnist Patt Morrison is now ready for your inspection. An excerpt from the most controversial bit:

Moderator1: Bigger hunk -- Arnold, Antonio, Fabian, Garcetti, Steve Lopez, or Dean Baquet?

Patt Morrison: Oh man you ARE trying to get me into trouble, aren't you? why don't you put that question to paris hilton, who hands out 'hot' tags like olympic judges hand out "10s" to mary lou retton?

Patt Morrison: Seriously? jeremy irons blows them all away.

There's also discussion about Patt's proposed L.A. City Museum, her favorite Republican presidential candidate, Mayor Villaraigosa's performance, 9/11 conspiracies and more!

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