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What's your battle plan?

December 29, 2006 |  1:30 pm

CaesariniraqToday's OpEd page looks to powerbrokers past for a solution to the Iraq mess:

Adrian Goldworthy imagines doing to Iraq what Caesar did to Gaul, except the part about dividing it into three parts.

Jack Weathorford channels Genghis Khan, taking the countryside, letting the cities rot, and bringing law and order throughout the land, by killing people.

Joseph J. Ellis learns the value of inaction from the American Fabius. (That's George Washington, for you folks in the cheap seats.)

Harold Holzer twists like Honest Abe (Lincoln, that is), until he's got a winner.   

Now it's your turn. Whom would you pick as your Iraq war avatar? Alexander, Hannibal, Crazy Horse, Napoleon, Rayovac of Ceti Alpha 7? Or would you dispense with models entirely, and find some totally new tactic? Tell the world, in the comments. 

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