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We list you a Happy New Year

* Top 10 stories at LATimes.com.

* Mike Watt's top 10 sunrises in Pedro.

* Defamer's year in review.

* Joseph Mailander's top 10 cocktails, and things to expect from the L.A. blogosphere in 2007.

* Top 10 L.A. disappearing acts, by Mike and Maria from Franklin Avenue.

* Mayor Sam's top 10 New Year's resolutions, and top 5 predictions for 2007.

* BoingBoing's most trafficked posts of 2006 (and all-time).

* L.A. City Nerd's top 10 events that impact the city's future.

* Pajamas Media's "world awash in fear and fascism" year in review, part 1.

* Ken Layne's top 10 best things.

* Little Green Footballs' poll for "anti-idiotarian of the year."

* "Best catches of 2006" at FishbowlLA.

* Curbed L.A.'s real estate awards.

* 142 things LAVoice.org blogged about.

* Reason magazine's people of the year.

* Largehearted Boy's master list of year-end music lists.

* Four of the top 10 blog posts of 2006 came from L.A.-based Crooks and Liars, notes Mickey Kaus.


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Francesco Sinibaldi

Moments of youth.

The tracing fountain of an autumnal sunset lies
in the plan remembering the sun, while, distantly,
moments of youth fall hiding the old time of a
young and feeble kiss.
And the hearth seems a singing in the endless of
his love.

Francesco Sinibaldi – Italy
Traduzione di Francesco Sinibaldi – Italy

Tim Cavanaugh

Good to hear from you, Francesco.

Fracesco Sinibaldi

And a thought makes a pleasure…

Silently, when the sunshine presents
memories and tender emotions, a little
refrain returns in a delicate sadness, and
then, like water in stream, remembers the
And that’s in my mind, amiable and sad.

Francesco Sinibaldi



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