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Why the Instapundit can't read, the Reliapundit can't think, the Carpetbagger can't calm down, and the MSM can't win...

November 19, 2006 |  4:43 pm

One of the best things about going to work for the Mainstream Media colossus is that you get to find out where all the bodies are buried, how the big media conspire to advance their implacable agenda against the army of bloggers and truth-tellers who dare to speak the truth. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this j'accuse from the Instapundit: "MISSING MURTHA at the L.A. Times?" The Instapundit? He never lies, screws things up, or breathlessly runs off with less than half the story, does he? If he hints that the L.A. Times is suppressing something, I'd better check it out.

So I check on the Instapundit's source: Pajamas Media's own page, which reveals that the Times did an exposé on Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha's brother Bob, but that now, when the chips are down, the paper is burying the story! "You would think, with Murtha running hard for House Majority Leader, the LAT would still have the article on its site, but it seems to be missing," says PJM.

You sure would! So I check with Pajamas' own source, the trustworthily named Reliapundit, who observes that "the actual article has 'mysteriously' disappeared from the LATIMEs own website."

Clearly, the rightwing blogosphere has got the L.A. Times dead to rights: We're suppressing compromising news so we can support our transparently leftwing, pro-Murtha agenda.

But there's a catch: Reliapundit found this story at the Carpetbagger's blog. And the Carpetbagger isn't angry at the L.A. Times because we're leftwing shills carrying Murtha's water. He's mad because we're rightwing shills making baseless accusations about Murtha.

More confusingly, Carpetbagger's post, from which all the others originate, is dated June 13, 2005. So while the collective brain power of Pajamas Media (which I understand can generate almost enough energy to light a cigarette) couldn't solve the mystery of why the Times disappeared this story, I can: The L.A. Times doesn't archive stories older than 60 days.

Also, we've been editorializing against Murtha's speaker bid all week.

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