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Assisted Suicide, Politics Drones and More: Monday and Weekend Opinion

June 26, 2006 |  9:58 am

Weekend and Monday Opinion from the LA Times:

Antonia Juhasz: Trading on Terror to Profit a Few
The U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement deserves greater scrutiny as it makes its way in Congress under the radar.

Karl Fleming: Twilight Softens This Tough Guy
Once a gritty journalist, he can finally show affection in his final years.

Denise Dresser: What They Hate Him, but They Made Him
Policies that favored Mexico's wealthy spawned the populist presidential candidate.


The Dems' Iraq Gap
Senate Democrats' resolutions on the war are dubious from both a policy and political standpoint.

French Apple Mush
Why is Europe giving copyright holders veto power over technology?

Straighten Up and Fly Right
Sheriff's droning publicity stunt crashed.

Selected Weekend Commentary:

Roy Romer: The Mayor's Bad Deal
Villaraigosa's school plan is about power and money, not kids and reform, says the superintendent.

Anne Lamott: At Death's Window
The trauma, sorrow and bittersweet love that come with helping a friend to end his life.

Peter Wallsten and Tom Hamburger: Hollywood The GOP Knows You Don't Like Anchovies
Unpopular Republicans still own the art of politicking.

Azadeh Moaveni: 'The Great Satan' Makes a Comeback
Iranian public sympathy toward the U.S. has soured in a hurry.

Samuel Walker: Scalia Twisted My Words
Criminologist says his work was used to reach its opposite conclusion in Hudson.

Jonathan Turley: 'Big Brother' Bush and Connecting the Data Dots
The Total Information Awareness program was killed in 2003, but its spawn present bigger threats to privacy.

Meghan Daum: Coulter's a Satirist -- Really?
The fire-breathing commentator has her liberal critics up in arms.

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