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It's A Foriegn Policy Day!

June 23, 2006 | 10:15 am

Friday’s wonderful opinion:

Gabriel Schoenfeld:Tough Talk on Korea, Too Late
Now they talk like hawks on North Korea, but former Clinton advisors acted like doves in the 1990s.

Rosa Brooks: Somalia's Deadly Lesson
Memories of dead soldiers dragged through the streets of Mogadishu help push U.S. foreign policy to extremes.

Henri J. Barkey: Amnesty For Insurgents Would Work
It would help stabilize Iraq and hasten an exit for U.S. troops.

Lincoln M. Lease: Pardon the Killers? Never!
A GI blasts Iraq's proposed amnesty for insurgents who kill U.S. troops.


Dont Believe Net Neutrality Hype
When both sides are alarmist and wrong, bad legislation is just around the corner.

From Hungary '56 to Iraq '06
President Bush strains a historical analogy in the friendly confines of Central Europe.

Battling Over Bishops
Gender and sexuality trouble in the Episcopal Church.

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