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CES: Internet in your pocket

Is that the Internet in your pocket or are you just happy to be connected? In a speech Monday by CEO Paul Otellini, Intel Corp., which makes the chips that drive much of the world's computers, unveiled a new chip, dubbed Menlow, that's designed just for mobile Internet devices. Think the iPhone on steroids. With screens around 5 inches, the gizmos are meant to fit into a shirt pocket and deliver full Internet access.

No room in that pocket for a keyboard? No problem. Intel showed off technology that lets the device "see" and "hear" commands. If that sounds a little like future-tech from Minority Report, it is. The devices aren't expected to be on the market for three to five years.

Part of the issue is that much of the software takes far too much computing power to fit into a small device. Not to worry, though. Intel said it's working on that.

-- Alex Pham


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