Blowback: Debunking the Prop. 13 debunkers

Jarvis Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn., responds to Steve Lopez’s June 1 column, "Debunking the myth of Prop. 13." If you would like to write a full-length response to a recent Times article, editorial or Op-Ed piece, here are our FAQs and submission policy

In his latest attack on Proposition 13, columnist Steve Lopez retreats to the ivory tower for moral support. When a USC demographics professor tells Lopez that support for Prop. 13 is based on myth, and that blocking tax increases is pathetic, dishonest and a long-term disaster, Lopez accepts the professor's words as gospel. 

The only "myths" to debunk about Proposition 13 are those promoted by the tax-and-spend lobby and public employees unions, which would like you to believe that the state's landmark 1978 initiative to limit property tax increases has "devastated" California's education system while at the same time not providing any real benefits to homeowners and renters today.

First and foremost, Proposition 13 did not dictate how our government would spend property tax revenues. It simply set a property tax rate of 1% and limited

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06/06/2011 07:09

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